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Monsters don’t sleep under your bed, they sleep in your head

Whatever eats us inside shows on the outside.The weariness from the dark circles under our eyes explains the limits that we’ve reached. The dragging flutters when we blink exaggerates the … Continue reading

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On Point👌

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Weekend Recap

Fresno w/ Kay. Pearls drinks, phones booths,Kevin Hart with the best.

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Don’t be so heartless.

I have read once that the sole purpose in life is to achieve true happiness in all aspects love, family, friendships, careers etc. It’s quite sinfully refreshing yet breathlessly amazing … Continue reading

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By Anynomous

We always put our guards up, because when it feels too good to be true, we get scared and find any excuse to slow it down. Instead of accepting the … Continue reading

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Take me out to the ball game…

Ms. Kailani met Karina yesterday, sorry no pics. Company baseball games are actually fun with this cutie😍

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June 22, 2012

It’s been one long year, thankfully happy that I’m still at ’em everyday.  When you’re sick you watch the world spin and you’re at a standstill. Captured every minute of … Continue reading

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