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Don’t be so heartless.

I have read once that the sole purpose in life is to achieve true happiness in all aspects love, family, friendships, careers etc. It’s quite sinfully refreshing yet breathlessly amazing how things turn out. The constant change that takes place when you place your heart towards happiness. It’s sad to say that falling out of routine was all it took but spontaneity  in life is a must. An it heartbreaking that cutting off ties to your once ” forever significant other” somethings’ are meant for something else. Time gives yo opportunities that you have to take in order to be wise. Be humble my love, the bitch that you call life isn’t so bad at all. Negative perspectives don’t give you much to work with. there are too many simple blissful pleasures to this life waiting to be discovered. Learn that criticism is truth. Everyone views truth as if a sand dollar buried in the warm sand and such a rarity to spot. Don’t go too hard looking for it, chances are it will find its way to you. We are so used to sugar coated words that even polished attitudes come in as realness. Don’t believe everything, Listen to actions, they speak louder that way.And almost all the time words are just words.


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