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Monsters don’t sleep under your bed, they sleep in your head

Whatever eats us inside shows on the outside.The weariness from the dark circles under our eyes explains the limits that we’ve reached. The dragging flutters when we blink exaggerates the fact that sleep is damn near impossible. The deep sighs exhaled during the day, only reiterates the cycle of thoughts that go on in our brains.

Ever been in a sleep so pleasant but then a cloud of darkness hovers over you? In your sleep that dense air matter gets bigger, wider and darker. Almost as if it wants to cover you up and shallow you alive. I hate being paralyzed  while asleep. I dread the feeling of numbness while I am awake.

I taught myself to be frozen and effortless to things that do not matter. I cannot give importance on issues that should only linger for an hour. I easily give up on arguments that can be fixed with a simple apology.

“How did I end up right her with you?After all the things that I’ve been through?”

This question goes in both directions. It could answer why you’ve been blessed with all you have now? It could also make you question the approaches that you have been taking towards love, life, work, balance and happiness.

I used to question so many things up above. I used to wonder why death occurred to the people that did not deserve it. I wondered why God’s most beautiful offspring’s were either taken too early or hurt badly. I read a quote the other day pertaining to flowers “when you pick flowers, you pick the ones that are most beautiful” And another that explain why flowers must not be picked because love is not about possession, it is about appreciation. Humans have potential to become great people. But lost our humanity and believe in materials other than experiences, the little blessings in life. We forgot that time in an essential part of our element, we don’t know how to spend our time around the most important factors. We got so lost in pursuing and achieving positions that our intentions have become glutted. Everything we input, we exert has to have an output and a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


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