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Summer’s coming but I’m afraid I’ll still be cold.

Just like dry ice, put me in your favorite drink. Sip and savor the taste, doesn’t the way I turn the warmth of your half empty glass to a full frosty, foggy refreshing necessity salivate your glands? Quench your thirst but look at how I can make your sweat run from the temples of your head down to the corners of your lips.  Just like dry ice, I’d be perfect for you on a sun burning scorching humid day. Breathe me in, I’ll be just like poison.  Long enough to make your brain stop from it’s functions. No blood flow to your main arteries. Soon no heartbeats, no memories, no recollections maybe a simple mirage snapshots of this history. Never know for sure, as a result you’ll end up just like me. Wrapped in vines intertwined with chains, locks, and thorns.  Frozen in the Arctic ocean depths. Yet you’ll be interesting to look at, irresistible to try and break apart. The worst to try and heal, just like me no matter the severe temperatures you won’t be the same way. You won’t melt,  you won’t break. By summer’s  end you’d be dry ice just like me. Intriguing to the eye, sensitive to the flesh and always hurtful to hold on to for too long. The only problem is that’s me, it’s not suppose to be you.


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