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If the shoe fits, then you’re guilty.

The mask you wear must be too heavy for you to carry. You lust the perfection in life. Carve yourself in the veins of people, whom by now are affected deeply by your disappearance. Not saddened but dumbfounded by your actions. Selfish you are, the secrets you hide from everyone. Your charm is another cover up, blinding to those who think they know you. Baby, when it all comes down are you really who you are? Let’s be real, self centered, eccentric always throwing a bitch fit. Forgive me if I’m blunt, I’m just throwing facts from my experience. You whisper evil things to yourself at night, hoping to wake up the next day, birds singing compliments to get through your head. You let criticism get to your heart, leaving you weak and absent minded. Oh sneaky you are, in your own time still many see right through you at first glance. Must change those ways, got accustomed to the ‘good things’  fabricated by the wrong choices. Keep on implying that you need time for yourself, I know you.. Honey I know you. You’re lonely its not hard to hide but it’s your fault. Genuinely fell in like with the same narcotics that had you at your lowest. It’s a shame that you were once a blank canvas,waiting to become an art but instead painted black by your dark mischievous soul. Open your mind, not your mouth. If attention is all you need, bashing on your dislikes is not the best way to go about it. Must you really need the spotlight? Look in a kaleidoscope, see your visions, your reflections and study yourself for once.

“ If I offend you,that’s unfortunate. Just speaking on the truth nowadays. No games, no secrets, honesty and all. ”


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