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Forgive me, I could be a beautiful disaster


Let’s face it, the game isn’t how it was before. The chase isn’t about developing feelings anymore. More rather, lemme see what you can work with then we’ll go with it. No more Cinderella themed if the glass shoe fits. Game recognize game, I ain’t about to play that. I’ve wore my heart on my sleeve for too long to be broken up like that. Nowadays, everyone knows how to put on the best looking masks and the prettiest fake smiles. But babe, you’ll soon grow out of having to figure which face you should wear on the daily. Look at you, Look at you, don’t lust for potential. Don’t give me none of that half ass stuff, nor the fake charm. Learn about the demons that kept me awake at night. Fight them off, before you get to know me. I’m sure that there will be alot to hear about me, all won’t be true. It must up to you if you let criticism get to your heart. We can compliment each other beneficially too, but trust I won’t let that get through my head. Imagine, just like Aurora Borealis we would paint the Alaskan night skies,with the beauty of this potential love. If your past is dark, we can leave that behind, think twice about the standards your ex set. I’m not the one to compare, but if she didn’t please you my love she don’t deserve keep you. So don’t backtrack on me, compare me and diss me. And too be blunt, I’ve got ways that will probably surprise, it’s not anything you can’t handle.Patiently work it out, I’m down to do the same. Having said, I’ve been there made mistakes and turned myself from them.  I could be a beautiful disaster, just depends on you which one you would love more. Oh don’t play these games, don’t play those games. I’d hate to water down these flames, baby don’t make me change my ways.


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