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Let’s jump the broom. Not everything has been going perfect, in my 21 years of existence i have experience sadness from the beginning of 2012. Lost of loved ones had come rolling in right after each other, sadness, griefs and unexpressed words were poured out in tears. Life makes you wonder whether to live carefully, selfishly or adventurously.  What do you do? that is the question that stills day by day.

Take a look in my life for a second. I had my cards read, i learned that my health would be at risk, no good at saving money and an unplanned reappearance of a loved one would come back in my life. At first glance health issues to me were common colds, flu, etc. But it had been worst. There was not a time that I was completely alone when i would cry and question why I had been hit the worst. ” Why me?” I sobbed on my 25 minute commute home. Every night I prayed that the Lord would give me strength to keep on going and every morning I woke up to plaster a smile on my face to hide my fears.  I tried to keep my head up, then after numerous visits to medical centers, several doctors seen, and various amounts of test done I slowly gave in to giving up. At one point I was ready to accept that somehow I had not been the good person that I thought I was.

The sole purpose of life is to invite in the good so that you can go on. The bad shit in life lingers but must always pass, just like a powerful storm. It might leave a bunch of broken debris behind but it’s really up to you whether you leave it behind or bring it with you as a piece as a tool of experience. The choice is yours.


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